Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Beginnings and Inspiration!

I'm Inspired.. What am I inspired to do..?? To be the very best possible me in every moment.. starting right now.. This moment.. This Now Moment. It is the beginning of the New Year, when people are creating New Resolutions and Writing Goal lists and Thinking of all the possibilities for the year ahead. What are some of your Goals, your desires?

In the past I have written blogs and concentrated on the Food and Nutritional aspect.. but if there is one thing I have learned from years of doing this on and off, it is that Eating Healthy, Raw, Nutrient dense foods is much more than just a Physical Healing Phenomenon.. it is a complete Journey of Transformation on all levels of Be~ing. It touches on our complete selves. Body, Mind, Soul.. Emotional Bodies. It opens us up to the Idea and Realization that we are much more than just this physical Self. We heal on many levels on this Journey.. and yes that also means that we Detox.. having to go through the process of letting those dark things rise up so that they can be purged.. and letting our body, mind and spirit release, replenish and transform into it optimum state of being.

I am dedicated to bringing into my Experience Total Healing, Transformation and Manifestation of all that I desire to be and to become... Right now, in this Moment. I desire to be Living and Experiencing my Life from a place of Vibrancy and in an Empowered state.

As we go through this process we Raise our Resonance to a place that is so Empowering, that touches all those that are around us, with our healing and positive outlook and Energy. In each moment we have choices, and when we chose to live from a place of empowering ourselves and others... we watch how we are conducting ourselves. We watch what we put into our bodies, we are careful to keep our thoughts and visions/daydreams Positive, we are aware of the things we say to others and the words we use.. how our interaction effects others. In this moment you have the Absolute Power to either Empower yourself and others.. and be stronger, healthier, happier... or to dis-empower yourself and others...

You have everything you need right now to start making positive changes.. the rest can all be learned and explored as we go... the biggest thing right in this moment is to chose to be the very best you that you can be.. so come along on this journey with me.. Claim your Power and Manifest Health and Joy and Fulfillment Into your Experience.. It is life changing and it is all happening Right Now! The Time is Now... So Lets Go!!

Say yes to Happy and Healthy and Vibrant.. Magnetizing all of your desires for Positive Experience....