Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 9 of my raw Vegan Diet

I have been getting a little behind on my posting when it comes to my diet. Bad Kelly! lol

I have been drinking lots of water and enjoying my diet. I am not finding it as hard as I thought I would. It is probably because my body is getting all the nutrients it needs and I am not hungry or craving anything. That is a nice break from my usual dieting nightmares where I feel I am neglecting myself of everything. Now I just feel good about myself and my decisions about what I put into my mouth because I know it is benefiting me in so many ways. I feel lighter happier and content...almost like one good choice creates more of a balance in the rest of your life. I suppose it inspires to create a more positive being. Maybe it is because when you are doing something healing and uplifting for yourself you start to look at the rest of your life..and consider what else is in your life might be toxic. Wanting purity and goodness around you makes you consider other habits we have fallen into, or perhaps friends that don't benefit us anymore. Making positive changes in all aspects of our life only helps to assist us to a higher place of being. It is important to clear your path of any obstacles that can get in your way of reaching whatever destination you want for yourself..whatever that may be. A new career path..a new body..a good relationship. Having a clear idea of what you want for yourself and taking the steps to get there is the secret to can have whatever you is you that makes the choices in your life. I choose to be happy and healthy and in a good romantic relationship, as well as maintaining good family and friend relationships. I choose to use my artistic and creative talents to both bring in income and shine light into others lives. If I can inspire and uplift those around me, then I am truly happy.

On day 9 of my Raw vegan Diet I started my day out drinking a glass of water, then I had a smoothie made of;

1 pear
2 apples
3 hand fulls of kale
3 hand fulls of spinach
1 frozen banana
6 frozen strawberries
1/2 a scoop of vegan vitamin supplement
hand full of ice

For lunch I had a smoothie made of;

3 hand fulls of kale
1 hand full of spinach
2 apples
1 carrot
1 celery stalk
1/2 a cucumber
1 banana
1/2 a scoop of vegan vitamin supplement
hand full of ice

....and blend away to green yummy goodness.....mmmmmmmmmmmm

For dinner I had 1/4 of a cucumber
surrounded by cubes of cantelope and honey dew melon, thenlate I had some snap peas and sunflower seeds for snack.
Water water water my friend. lol
Loves xoxo

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