Friday, February 27, 2009

Spiritual Awakening

Upon this path of pure living foods..of knowledge, of clearing, of healing
We awaken....

The chemicals that are in our food, our water, and in our air are clouding our minds, our emotions and our body's. Once cleared we rediscover what has been there all along..but that which has been forgotten. Our Source, our true selves. Our connection to all things. Our purpose.

Now that I am more clear, and I have taken steps to avoid the consumption of toxic causing chemicals. And I have purposely fed my body whole pure live foods. I feel the veil has lifted. I can clearly see that God is the life energy that holds all things together through infinite threads of Light Energy. All things are part of that same energy. Bringing about this truth; We are not separate beings, all alone, but rather very much a part of an interconnected existence. When we open ourselves up, to receiving that energy, we begin to see that source of energy is pure LOVE. We begin to see that we had been living in an illusion of separateness..leaving us feeling alone, unfulfilled, depressed, sick, endlessly longing and searching for something we could never quite acquire. Only to see that it is exactly that, an illusion. When the veil begins to lift we begin to find happiness and fulfillment within that source. We reconnect to our knowing and find love, fulfillment, and peace. We see our place amongst the living pulsing vibrating fabric of our endless universe. We see that we can allow that energy to flow through us and around us, from us. Joy bliss and contentment become our constant companions. We can see it..I believe we all can.

It is time to reclaim our connection, our health and our happiness. To be responsible for what we as humans will allow on this earth. Our quality of life is is up to us to manifest positive change for ourselves and our children. health happiness and success are ours to have!


  1. In no short of words. AMEN!

    I have had true clarity and connection with what I believe is God's plan. It is making me truly happy, and bringing people into (or out of) my life in exactly ways that are celestial and whole.

    I love having a much thinner veil, and hope to continue that foraging.

  2. Great post and so true! Eating raw foods has helped clear my mind which has allowed me to be more positive.