Friday, February 27, 2009

Reclaiming Your Health

Living and Eating in a Raw Vegan Lifestyle is more than just a dietary discipline, it completely changes and heals every aspect of your being. Along with supplements geared for your situation, and supplemental juicing...You can give your body what it needs to naturally go through it's healing process. This healing starts at the cellular level when you allow your internal environment to be condusive to healing. I feel so blessed to have this experience of entire self healing. I am still a work in progress for sure, but I have come so far, so quickly. I want to share with as many as I can about my experience so others who are sick, depressed, desperate, dying, weak, unhealthy physically or mentally can find a solution to their pain. There is a solution, there are intelligent informed steps you can take to take control of your life again. Start here. Decide today that you want to be a beautiful, healthy, joyful being...Living life Vibrantly!!

Spiritual Awakening

Upon this path of pure living foods..of knowledge, of clearing, of healing
We awaken....

The chemicals that are in our food, our water, and in our air are clouding our minds, our emotions and our body's. Once cleared we rediscover what has been there all along..but that which has been forgotten. Our Source, our true selves. Our connection to all things. Our purpose.

Now that I am more clear, and I have taken steps to avoid the consumption of toxic causing chemicals. And I have purposely fed my body whole pure live foods. I feel the veil has lifted. I can clearly see that God is the life energy that holds all things together through infinite threads of Light Energy. All things are part of that same energy. Bringing about this truth; We are not separate beings, all alone, but rather very much a part of an interconnected existence. When we open ourselves up, to receiving that energy, we begin to see that source of energy is pure LOVE. We begin to see that we had been living in an illusion of separateness..leaving us feeling alone, unfulfilled, depressed, sick, endlessly longing and searching for something we could never quite acquire. Only to see that it is exactly that, an illusion. When the veil begins to lift we begin to find happiness and fulfillment within that source. We reconnect to our knowing and find love, fulfillment, and peace. We see our place amongst the living pulsing vibrating fabric of our endless universe. We see that we can allow that energy to flow through us and around us, from us. Joy bliss and contentment become our constant companions. We can see it..I believe we all can.

It is time to reclaim our connection, our health and our happiness. To be responsible for what we as humans will allow on this earth. Our quality of life is is up to us to manifest positive change for ourselves and our children. health happiness and success are ours to have!

Benefits of Eating a Raw Vegan Diet..Day 48

So it has been 48 days on this Raw vegan Diet, and

It is time to check in and do some measurements.

I have released 40 lbs of excess fat, mucus, and toxins. Yey!

I have released;

2 " off of my Breasts
2 " under my Breasts
11" off of my Waist
7" off of my Hips
2" off of my Thighs
1 and 1/2 inches off of my Biceps

Wow, I love looking in the mirror and seeing the new slimmer me. I also feel fantastic. Giving myself pure, organic, raw, life giving foods has made so many positive changes in my life. I feel so much healthier, Body Mind and Spirit. I am still detoxing, and have a long way still to go,but I am feeling really good.


- I feel ALIVE inside
- I have more energy
- I am eager to exercise and move my body
- I feel very little pain in my body, and sometimes no pain, which is a miracle after being in great amounts of pain for 15 years. (I have an auto immune disease, causing inflammation/pain in my joints). I'll talk more about my struggle with my health and my personal journey as we go.
- I have been on several medications over the years, for inflammation and pain, as well as antibiotics after surgery... and I am happy to know that my body is flushing the residuals of those toxic medications out and away from my body.
- My eye sight is clear and perfect again
- My eye color is bright and vibrant blue again ( they were very blue gray for the last 12 years)
- The whites of my eyes seem more white
- My teeth are whiter, and the lingering pain I had from a partial root canal is gone completely.
- My skin is softer to the touch, and firmer in appearance.
- My skin is younger looking, clear, even toned, fresh and has a natural glow.
- The skin on my body is tightening as I lose weight
- My body is releasing Fat out of my cells as it flushes away toxins and buffering mucus from those cells. I will write more on the release of toxins and the body's natural release of fat in the process.
- My senses are all keener
I can see better, my sense of smell is amazing, I can taste goodness in the foods, and this week I have been able to even taste the chemicals in the food if there are any. I can even hear better( and I have never had a problem with hearing, it just makes it even better!) My sense of touch is heightened as well.
- My sex drive is higher, I am more responsive to touch, and I have heightened sensation.


- I feel very focused and eager to learn
- My concentration has improved
- My sense of humor has returned
- I am more playful and feel happy and more like myself
- I am more confident
- I have a sense of adventure
- I feel like going out and doing things with friends and family
- I have a passion for life
- I feel like my life has purpose
- I have a clear vision of what I would like for myself in the future
- I am very positive in the thoughts that I have about myself, and what I feel I deserve in life
- I am open emotionally
- I have greater empathy
- I am more trusting
- I generally just feel freer
- Unclouded
- Free of depression, or negative thoughts


- I feel a greater sense of awareness
- I feel more connected to everything
- My connection to GOD and the life force within all things is abounding
- I am more clairvoyant,clairsentient, clairaudient
- I trust my intuition completely
- The natural flow of healing energy surges through me to those around me
- My ability to see energy through auras has greatly intensified.
- My ability to see illness or blockages within the energy body has become more focused, as has my ability to manipulate them.
- All of my psychic senses are heightened, but with a greater sense of how to control my abilities and use them to help myself and others.

I have experienced so many Wonderful side effects from this new healthy lifestyle. I have spent much of my time reading and educating myself about how our body's work, and it all makes sense. Pure, clean, supported and loved being..That is what I am creating in myself. I hope that through my example, information, and support others can find total health and happiness also!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Complex Carbohydrates Verses Simple Carbohydrates

Many people struggle with the idea of carbohydrates, since carbs have such a bad wrap now days. What people need to know is there is a difference between a good carb and a bad carb.

Carbohydrates are your body's primary source of energy. Your system needs carbs to sustain itself. Carbohydrates are necessary to your health, because every cell in your body uses them for energy. In fact, your brain can only use carbohydrates for energy. However, eating the right Carbs, is what is essential to your body's well being. Understanding the difference will help you to make good Carbohydrate choices to bring your body to better health.

Simple Carbohydrates

Are exactly what they sound like- Simple Sugars. Simple Carbohydrates are quickly changed to glucose in your body. Glucose, that's a fancy word for sugar. Simple carbohydrates are made up of one or two sugar molecules linked together. The truth is that the simple carbs are bad because your body processes them too quickly and therefore turns all that energy to fat. Over-consumption of sugar and other highly refined carbohydrates has been associated with a higher incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even breast cancer. Sugar and other simple carbohydrates can alter your mood, lead to cravings and compulsive eating, cause wide swings in your blood-sugar levels, and cause weight gain in most people. Some forms of simple carbohydrates include; glucose, fructose (fruit sugar), sucrose (table sugar) and galactose (the sugar found in milk). Simple sugars are used as ingredients in candy, ice cream, cookies and other sweets. Plus they occur naturally in fruits and lesser amounts are found in vegetables.

Examples of Simple Carbohydrates are:

White Four
White Sugar
Corn syrup
Fruit juice
Bread made with white flour
Pasta made with white flour
Soda pop, such as Coke®, Pepsi®, Mountain Dew®, etc.
Most baked goods made with white flour
Most packaged cereals

Addressing the Simple Carbs in Fruit:

Fruit does contain a natural source of sugar called fructose which will need to be monitored especially if you tend to easily gain body fat from too many carbs. If your main goal is to lose large amounts of body fat, you definitely don't want to eat an unlimited amount of fruit. Although fructose is rather low on the glycemic index, I recommend not eating it after 6pm and limit it to a few portions throughout the day. The best thing to do is monitor your body fat levels and use the mirror along with weekly photos of yourself to really see how your body is changing. If you see that your adding too much body fat, then cut back on the fruit and focus more on vegetables like lettuce, kale, cucumber, green beans, broccoli, mushrooms, squash, zucchini and green peppers, swiss chard. These fibrous carbs contain very low amounts of calories and carbs which are the key to losing body fat.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are more slowly digested keeping your body's Glycemic Index lower. Thus not spiking your blood sugar levels and allowing your body to digest and absorb the important life giving nutrients in the foods we eat. It also allows our body to use the foods we eat for energy and not just store it as fat. Complex Carbs are found in high-fiber foods, which improve your digestion. They help stabilize the blood sugar, keep your energy at an even level, and help you feel satisfied longer after your meal.

Examples of Complex Carbohydrates are:

Whole Barley Grapefruit
Turnip Greens
Buckwheat Apples
Buckwheat bread Prunes
Water Cress
Oat bran bread
Apricots, Dried

Kiwi fruit
Oat bran cereal Plums
Muesli Strawberries
Wild rice Oranges
Brown rice Grapes
Pinto beans
Sweet Potato
Dill Pickles
Skim milk Lentils
Navy beans Garbanzo beans
Brussels Sprouts
Cauliflower Kidney beans
Snow peas
Green lentils
Chic peas

Soy milk
Soya beans
Kidney beans
Swiss Chard
Green beans

Tomato Soup
Lentil Soup
Multi grain bread
Whole meal spelt bread
Split peas

Complex carbohydrates should be a major part of your diet; about half of your daily calories should come from carbohydrates -- mostly from grains, cereals, fruits and vegetables. Choose a piece of fruit instead of fruit juice, which is very high in naturally occurring simple sugars. Choose whole grain breads instead of white bread. Choose whole grain oatmeal instead of packaged cold cereals.

Making simple healthier choices through out the day will bring you closer to a healthy you...

*Remember that the closer you get to nature, the closer you get to health.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nori Rolls Recipes

I have found a few different recipes on the web and in my Raw Recipe books. I ended up making my own version based on a few different ideas. Follow the links to the different ones I looked at....

The first was in Ani's Raw food Kitchen recipe book. It is posted on This Blog. There are a lot of good Recipe ideas on that blog. There is also a Video that Ani Phyo has done to show you how to make the Nori rolls step by step. Click here to go to the video now.

The next was at The Sunny Raw Kitchen. The Recipe is posted here. This is a great source for really tasty Meal ideas. I love her Recipes and her energy.

I also partially went by a recipe by Jennifer Cornbleet from her book Raw Food made Easy for 1 or 2 people. Click here to see the recipe.

For my Nori Rolls I used;

2 nori sheets
3 tsp of Mellow White Miso
Ani's Ginger almond pate (see below)
Alfalfa sprouts
4 leaves of Spinach
The following Veggies cut thin and lengthwise;
1/4 Cucumber (with seeds cut out)
1/2 a Carrot
1/2 a red pepper
1/4 a small yellow pepper
1/2 Avocado ( I put it on last because it is so fragile, and I didn't marinade them).
* I marinated the veggies in Braggs Amino Acid for about 15 min before I made the rolls.


Using a Bamboo Sushi mat ( I got mine at Safeway in the Asian section) start layering the ingredients;
- starting with the Raw Nori sheets You can get these at healthfood stores that carry food, or you can buy the rosted ones that are at most supermarkets that carry Asian foods. Check out this link to hear about "RAW" Nori sheets..aparently not all Raw nori sheets are Raw so be careful if you are doing 100% Raw that you get truly Raw Nori Sheets.

Make sure that you leave about 1 inch of the nori sheet showing, from the edge closest to you. And also at the edge farthest away from you. This will make it easier to roll, and close, when you are done layering the ingredients.

Start layering the miso on the nori sheet. I put a very thin layer, about 1/4 inch in width across the nori sheet, from one side the the other. Pretty much making a base for where I wanted to put my veggies.

Then I put a thin layer of Ginger Almond Pate (See recipe below) on most of the nori sheet. Make sure it is thin because if you put too much on it can be overwhelming because it is very filling and takes over the roll.

Then I added the marinated Cucumber, Carrot, red and yellow peppers. With a nice layer of alfalfa sprouts next. Then I ripped the spinach leaves in small strips over that. Then I added the Avocado to finish the filling.

Now it is time to Roll the Sushi with the bamboo mat;

Take the bottom of the bamboo mat (along with the nori) and fold it tightly over the ingredients.
Roll the nori tightly, making a cylinder, using the bamboo mat to direct the roll away from you. Squeezing it as you go. Once you get to the 1 inch strip of uncovered nori at the top, dip your fingers in a bowl of water, wet the strip and finish the roll, squeezing the bamboo mat tightly around it. Unfold the mat and you've got your first sushi roll.

Lay it on the wooden cutting board, wet the flat-bladed knife in a bowl of water before each cut and slice the roll into bite-sized pieces.
I also found that wetting my fingers helped as I held the roll during the cutting process.

I used Braggs Amino acids for dipping sauce. You can also use Tamari or Nama Shoyu.

* I made the Ginger Almond Pate from Ani's recipe book;

2 Tbsp of Grated ginger root
2 cloves of Garlic ( I used minced garlic)
1 Tsp of Sea salt
2 cups of almonds( she doesn't soak hers, but I find they are too hard for me..I like a softer texture so I soaked my raw almonds for 6 hours prior to blending)
juice of 2 lemons
1/2 a cup of water, as needed to get the texture you like.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 39 of my Raw Vegan Diet - Feb 18th

Today is day 39..I have been slacking on the blogging as I have been crazy busy!! Every second of my day is utilized, right until the moment that I crash on my pillow at night. I am going to try and back off of some of the responsibilities that I have taken on and take more time for myself..and also time to let my body rest and relax.

What have I been eating in the last few days?? Well I have a green smoothie every morning. I have been juicing, and adding the juice to my green makes them taste better and there are more nutrients in the green smoothie from the fresh fruit juice. I drink about 2 liters of smoothie a day. I also drink 2 liters of fresh juiced vegetable and fruit juice through out the day. I drink 3 liters of water through out the day. For dinner on Sunday I had a huge salad, for din on Monday I had Raw Nori rolls, for din on Tuesday I had Raw Tacos. I will list some of the recipes for you in the next post. I used about 3 recipes for each dish...and made my own adaption..and they were all great! I was pleasantly surprised... A big part of being able to adapt this way of eating as a long term lifestyle is learning how to UNcook... It is hard when we are brought up cooking our food to try to Not cook our food, and still have food that tastes great. It is possible to learn to make incredible dishes... it is all about learning a new way of being. A new way of preparing our food. I am loving this learning is very empowering. You can teach an old Dawg new tricks!!! LOL

Ok I am off to have tea with a good friend..I will post the recipes laterz..

Have a Rawlicious Day!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all you beautiful people!! Have a wonderful day and spread Love wherever you go..a little smile..a kind word..Express to your loved ones how very much you LOVE them!

..and Loves to all of YOU!!

This is a poem by Nicholas Gordon

Be my Valentine, for I
Each day have thought of you.
My whole life couldn't manage what
Your ready smile can do,
Vanquishing my loneliness
As though all light were new.
Let me be your Valentine
Even as you're mine,
Needing what I have to give
That each might each define
In friendship and in harmony,
Now you, now I the melody,
Each helping each to shine.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am very artistic and I LOVE Photoshop (I didn't do this pic)...

That is what art is about; creating a feeling in our viewers.
I LOVE how this pic makes me feel...
I am a Pisces with a lot of Kitten in that may be why..heehee..
Hope you Enjoy!!

Cheaper Than Therapy

Day 32 & 33 on my Raw Vegan Diet

Nourishing your Body Mind and Soul is loving Life, and loving Yourself.

Today is my 33rd day on my Raw Vegan Adventure.

I feel like a sponge soaking up so much information and so many great nutrients that my body very much needs after years of nutritional abuse by my own sorry self..unknowingly of course..but I just wasn't educated, and because of that I made poor nutritional choices. Now I know better! I want to share with as many people as possible the health benefits of feeding our bodies..not just dead food that makes our poor body's work too the point where we succumb to disease and chronic illness..But I want to share how wonderful it is to actually nourish and heal your body through proper nutrients. It is simple...EAT Live Food...Rich in enzymes and nutrients. Your body assimilates the nutrients...and absorbs it easily..rushing the life giving packages of goodness along the body's super highway to our cells...Life..Alive!! Wow!! Stop poisoning yourself with refined chemically treated foods...start eating organic produce and less chemically fed and enhanced animal protein. It is easy..after you research for 5 min you can see it is a no brainer...Our North American diets are killing us. Period.

Today I started my day out with a large glass of water
Then I had a Glass of freshly juiced Grapefruit juice with some Ashwagandha Powder.
I am using the Ashwagandha Powder to stimulate my immune system. It also has properties called Withanoloids, that consist of steroidal molecules which act to fight inflammation. It also balances Hormones and creates a calming effect, so it is also good for stress relief.

Today I made a smoothie full of Super foods and amazing supplements.

3 cups of ionized water
2 oz of chia seeds soaked to a gel...see this post to find out about Chia seeds and how to prepare
1 apple
1 hand full of spinach
1 banana
3 spears of pineapple
1 cup of frozen fruit; strawberries, mango, peaches, blueberries, grapes, cantelope.
1 scoop of Vegan supplement powder
2 Tbsp of hemp protein powder
1 Tsp of PUREessentials Green concentrate
2 oz of Himalayan Goji Berry juice
1 Tbsp of raw organic coconut oil

* This smoothie tasted amazing! It is also so full of great things.

Wow..I have to say that I have not felt better in years..I feel great today. I am happy and in a great mood. I feel like my fun self again- I knew she was hiding in there somewhere!! LoL I have a lot of energy, and I feel like moving...exercising..I feel amazingly alive inside. For those of you that don't know me; I have arthritis. I have had it since I was 21. I will make a post just on that one day , but for now all we need to know is that usually I have joint pain as I go along my everyday activities. Today, however, I have NO joint pain. I'll say it again..I have NO JOINT PAIN!! Amazing.

The combination of the Ashwagandha, the Goji juice and the Chia Seeds are a really wonderful anti-iflamatory rescue team. I am so glad they all came to me from different sources to create a combination that really has given me a great deal of relief and I can't say enough about how much that means to me...

-Today I am thankful that are bodies are able to heal themselves when given the right opportunities.

-I am thankful for the knowledge that I need to bring myself back to perfect health.
..and my life back to perfect harmony.

-I am thankful for a supportive and loving family, and for suppportive friends and a loving and supportive companion/boyfriend.

-I am thankful for my green smoothie that is there with me everyday through this healing process, giving me a buffet of different fruits and leafy greens each day.

- I am thankful to Aleesha (My Raw food Coach) who handed me a wonderful gift in the form of Chia seeds. I knew about them...but I probably wouldn't have tried them...and I had no idea How many health benefits they carried in such a small seed. Thank you.. thank you!

Ok, I want to yell it from the hill tops....

I feel great!! YEY!!

Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds have so many benefits and are definitely a part of my diet now.

I add them into my smoothies in the morning, I put in about 2 oz. of chia seeds. It blends nicely and you don't taste them at all...all those yummy benefits hidden in yummy sweetnes of my green smoothie.

Here is some info that I have found and complied for your learning pleaure:

Seeds: could they be The New Super Grain?
The nutritional community is all abuzz about a “Supergrain” that contains even more
omega-3 fatty acids than flax seeds
. Not only that, it is touted as having the highest fiber
content of any food, as being beneficial for type II diabetics and possibly even as providing
a remedy for world hunger. We are talking about chia seeds.

Chia, is familiar to most of us as a seed used for the novelty of the Chia Pet™- clay animals with sprouted Chia seeds covering their bodies. Little is known, however, of the seeds tremendous nutritional value and medicinal properties. For centuries this tiny little seed was used as a staple food by the Indians of the south west and Mexico. Known as the running food, its use as a high energy endurance food has been recorded as far back as the ancient Aztecs. It was said the Aztec warriors subsisted on the Chia seed during the conquests. The Indians of the south west would eat as little as a teaspoon full when going on a 24hr. forced march. Indians running form the Colorado River to the California coast to trade turquoise for seashells would only bring the Chia seed for their nourishment.

If you try mixing a spoonful of Chia in a glass of water and leaving it for approximately 30 minutes or so, when you return the glass will appear to contain not seeds or water, but an almost solid gelatin. This gel-forming reaction is due to the soluble fiber in the Chia. Research believe this same gel-forming phenomenon takes place in the stomach when food containing these gummy fibers, known as mucilages, are eaten. The gel that is formed in the stomach creates a physical barrier between carbohydrates and the digestive enzymes that break them down, thus slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar.

In addition to the obvious benefits for diabetics, this slowing in the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar offers the ability for creating endurance. Carbohydrates are the fuel for energy in our bodies. Prolonging their conversion into sugar stabilizes metabolic changes, diminishing the surges of highs and lows creating a longer duration in their fueling effects.

Chia seed, is a muscle and tissue builder and an energizer of endurance with extensive hydration properties,This being one of the exceptional qualities of the Chia seed. Having the ability to absorb more than 12 times its weigh in water. Its ability to hold on to water offers the ability to prolong hydration. Fluids and electrolytes provide the environment that supports the life of all the body’s cells. Their concentration and composition are regulated to remain as constant as possible. With Chia seeds, you retain moisture, regulate, more efficiently, the bodies absorption of nutrients and body fluids. Because there is a greater efficiency in the utilization of body fluids, the electrolyte balance is maintained.

Chia seeds are the definitive hydrophilic colloid for the 21 century diet. Hydrophilic colloids, (a watery, gelatinous, glue-like substance) form the underlying elements of all living cells. They posses the property of readily taking up and giving off the substances essential to cell life. The precipitation of the hydrophilic colloids cause cell death.The food we eat, in the raw state, consist largely of hydrophilic colloids. When cooked on the other had, precipitates its colloidal integrity.
When the Chia seeds are consumed there is a significant
change, in the lower gastrointestinal tract, which is due to the effect of the hydrophilic colloid and this precipitates a more complete digestion-taking place along the entire tract due to physio chemical alterations. There is undoubtedly a better assimilation of food that supports enhanced nutritional absorption while significantly extending necessary hydration as well as encouraging proper elimination.

As a source of protein, the Chia, after ingestion, is digested and absorbed very easily. This results in rapid transport to the tissue and utilization by the cells. This efficient assimilation makes the Chia very effective when rapid development of tissue takes place, primarily during growth periods if children and adolescents. Also for the growth and regeneration of tissue during pregnancy and lactation, and this would also include regeneration of muscle tissue for conditioning, athletes, weight lifters, etc.

According to Dr. Vladimir Vuksan, a leading researcher on functional foods and diabetes at
the University of Toronto, chia has great health potential. He has found that 3oz of Chia seed gel has as much calcium as three cups of milk, as much fiber as one and a quarter cups of All-Bran cereal, as much iron as five cups of raw spinach, as much vegetable protein as one and a half cups of kidney beans, as much potassium as one and a half bananas, as much vitamin C as seven oranges and contains the same amount of omega-3 fats as 28 ounces of Atlantic salmon.

The Chia seed has a high oil content, and the richest vegetables source for the essential omega-3 fatty acid.
It has approximately three to ten times the oil concentrations of most grains and one and a half to two times the protein concentrations of other grains. These oils, unsaturated fatty acids, are the essential oils your body needs to help emulsify and absorb the fat soluble vitamins, A, D, E, & K. Chia seeds are rich in the unsaturated fatty acid, linoleic, which the body cannot manufacture. When there are rich amounts of linoleic acid sufficiently supplied to the body trough diet, linoleic and arachidonic acids can be synthesized from linoleic acid. Unsaturated fatty acids are important for respiration of vital organs and make it easier for oxygen to be transported by the blood stream to all cells, tissues, and organs. They also help maintain resilience and lubrication of all cells and combine with protein and cholesterol to form living membranes that hold the body cells together. Unsaturated fatty acids are essential for normal glandular activity, especially of the adrenal glands and the thyroid glad. They nourish the skin cells and are essential for healthy mucus membranes and nerves. The unsaturated fatty acids function in the body by cooperating with vitamin D in making calcium available to the tissues, assisting in the assimilation of phosphorus, and stimulating the conversion of carotene into vitamin A. Fatty acids are related to normal functioning of the reproductive system. Chia sees contain beneficial long-chain triglycerides (LCT) in the right proportion to reduce cholesterol on arterial walls.

The Chia seed is also a rich source of calcium as it contains the important mineral boron, which acts as catalyst for the absorption and utilization of the calcium by the body.

Making Chia Gel (9to1 ratio): Put water in a sealable plastic container and slowly pour seed into water while briskly mixing with a wire whisk. This process will avoid any clumping of the seed. Wait a couple of minutes, whisk again and let stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Whisk again before using or storing in refrigerator (Gel will keep up to 2 weeks).

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great Raw Recipe Book

I just bought a new Recipe book created by Ani Phyo.

Her book has a lot of healthy tips and a great recipe ideas for the newby Raw foodist. She makes it easy and she really cares about helping people. I browsed her web site yesterday getting to know her and watching some of her interviews and such...She is great. I also found some of her videos on YouTube. She shows how to make some wonderful looking recipes...She also makes it look easy, so it takes some of the daunting..".OMG I don't know what I am doing!"..out of Raw food uncooking. Check it out for sure. The more I learn and the more I watch other peoples adventures into Raw, the better I feel about my healthy choice. I was watching this lady yesterday talking about how she feels eating a 100% Raw food Diet and she was just glowing..and had a hard time to articulate how she felt because really it is very difficult, when you feel so good. I sat and watched her smiling because I know exactly how she excited and wonderful...yet finding it hard to put it all into her..see how she glows...Eating Raw changes you from the inside out!

Yesterday was Day 31 for me and for breakfast I made a smoothie of;

2 cups of water
1 liter of juiced apple juice
2 leaves of kale
1 cup of frozen mango and peach
1/2 scoop of hemp powder
1/2 a scoop of vegan supplement powder
1 Tbsp of coconut oil

* it was awesome!! The fresh juiced juice made it taste amazing!!
I was going for more juice less fibre..trying to physic myself up to start a fast.....................

For lunch I had a smoothie of;

2 cups of water
1 liter of juiced apple juice
1 small hand full of spinach
1 cup of frozen blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
1/2 scoop of hemp powder
1/2 a scoop of vegan supplement powder ( Berry Flavor)
1 Tbsp of coconut oil

* it had too many seeds for my liking..I think blueberries and strawberries might be a better choice for next time. It tastes great though...more MORE!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 30 of my Raw vegan Diet!!

In keeping with my blogging sisters, I created a word cloud too...awww aren't we cool!

Well I have made it 30 days on my Raw Vegan Diet. I have had some ups and downs(detox), but over all I have had a great experience. I transitioned into eating raw foods very easily. It is also something that has brought me more than just better health, it has brought me many other benefits as well. I am more confident. I am happier..both in my relationships and with my body. I am filled with joy. I am closer to my spiritual self. I feel so open, and connected. I feel lighter. My skin is amazing. I am ever eager to learn and grow. I have release many unwanted pounds of toxins and fats. My eyes are brighter blue and I can see amazingly far again. My hair and nails are healthy and are growing quickly. My teeth are whiter. My outlook is so positive. I can visualize what I want for my life, and actually feel like I deserve it and can reach whatever goals I set for myself. It has been such a spiritually uplifting experience. I am so happy that I am treating myself well..loving myself and nourishing my body mind and soul.

After yesterday I have taken it very easy today. I decided that this is truly a life style change. My body works well with the way I nourish it now. I listen to what it asks for and I treat it with honor as I give it what it needs to be as healthy and beautiful as possible. My cells are rejuvenating as I type..and that makes me feel good about the choices I make each day..each moment.....I have found life again....... My sleeping soul is awakened.. I am ready to live each day with love happiness and adventure....BRING IT ON!!

My smoothie today was made of;

3 cups of water
1 apple
1 banana
1 cup of frozen mango and peaches
1/2 scoop of vegan Supplement powder

* My tummy was sensitive today after my cooked food nightmare..from I have only had fresh apple juice and my smoothie today and I am feeling great again. Live and Learn!

Love and Light*
Kelly ")

Day 29 of my Raw Vegan Diet

Some days it just pays to stay in bed....

Well I thought a lot about whether I should share about my sick day..or rather I should say my self-inflicted suffering. I decided to let you see that I am human and make mistakes along this journey too.

I spent the day on Sunday with my Sweetie as he tattooed a design, that I had created, onto my lower back. I had 2 fruit smoothies on hand as he Slaved (inking) over my body. I had nuts and seeds and dried fruit....but getting a tattoo takes a lot out of you...and it makes you very HUNGRY! So we stopped half way and we ran up to the store. He was happily heading towards the fresh fruits and veggies to get me a much needed snack, when I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the deli section.......Nooooooooooooo.... At first he was surprised, but he came along......I picked out a veggie samosa. He looked at me with his little raised eye brow..but he didn't argue..........Get the woman what she wants! I have to say that I was very hungry and not using any judgment at all. I was thinking " Hey it is vegetarian...I have been so good..surely I can have just a little cooked food"................................Boy was I WRONG!! I got home..scarfed it down, and with in about 30 min I was feeling like a Brillo pad had been hidden in the spicy goodness. Yes my insides were getting beaten enzymes for the cooked food...ouch! I have suffered all last night..through the night until this morning. I ate some enzymes last night which is the only way they got through me. But it was a painful process. Cramping, nausea, shaking. My body was not ready for that, and I am so sorry body for putting us through that. I learned a valuable lesson....After being on an all raw diet for an extended period of time your body can not assimilate the food. It just suffers...and you along with it. If I ever choose to eat cooked food again, it will have to be alot slower, and with more gentle foods. however...I feel so good eating a live food diet that going back to cooked foods would be depressing. We shall see what the future holds....for now eating Raw is what is right for me..and i will honor myself and my body by nourishing it and loving it and treating it gently.

Love and light
" )

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 28th of my Raw Vegan Diet

Feeling Better Again! yey!

I have taken a few days off from blogging, as I had been feeling like yuck, and I was resting and mostly drinking juice and water, and an eight ounce glass of smoothie each afternoon. I really want to start my juicing fast this 30 seems like it feels right to start the fast. I want to start out doing a 14 day fast and then extend it if it feels right to do. If I set myself small goals I think I will do really well and stay on it longer.

This morning I made a green smoothie of;

2 cups of water
1 hand full of kale
1 hand full of spinach
1 banana
2 cups of frozen peaches and mango
1 scoop of vegan supplement powder
1/2 scoop of hemp protein powder
1 tsp of greens plus
1 Tbsp of Coconut Oil
1 hand full of ice

* It was nice and thick and sweet and yummy coolness....I used a straw cause it was so icy.Mmm

We are headed out, on this beautiful sunny day, to check out some new tattoo supplies..and get Kats new book....

I LOVE it will be a nice fun day...and I am packing a smoothie with me so I have something to sip while we are running the roads........
Have a Great day!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 24 and 25 of my Raw Vegan Diet

It was one of those days that being a bunny wasn't very fun.
Some Bunnies not Hoppy.....

The last few days I haven't been feeling very well.. I almost feel like I have the stomach flu. I spent the first day just drinking water. The second day I drank just water and apple juice. That seemed to calm my tummy. I am starting to feel I am hoping to start my juice fast soon...I guess it will be easy now that I haven't been eating much.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 23 of my Raw Vegan Diet

I am started totally craving Protein today. I couldn't understand it because usually I crave nothing. I don't even like to say it, but I was craving meat. I was getting gas at the Chevron and there was a huge poster of a big juicy was so attractive, I had to use every ounce of willpower I could muster not to go speeding through the white spot drive through. Now, if I wasn't on this diet I probably wouldn't be tempted by such things...greasy...I dunno....anyways....I was like "Kelly, get a hold of yourself woman...what is wrong with you??" I started thinking about what I might have ingested that made me crave like a crazy person...I thought hmmm...everything I have been eating is good for me.. raw pure live food. What does meat have in it that I am craving so much....?? PROTEIN......I have had hardly any protein the last 2 days. I left my Hemp powder out of my smoothies for 2 days..cut back on eating nuts and have been eating mostly raw fruits and veggies...ah huh!! So off i went to consume nuts and seeds....and that is exactly what was wrong...sorry body. It was nice to stop craving meat though..that was almost disturbing for a newby

For breakfast and lunch I had a smoothie made of;

1 cup of Blueberries
1 cup of strawberries
1 cup of raspberries
1 banana
1 scoop of Vegan Supplement powder in berry flavor
1 scoop of greens concentrate
1 TBSP of Coconut Oil
1 hand full of Ice

For snack I had snap peas, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, green grapes

some nuts and seeds...about 4 oz.

For dinner I had carrot and tomato soup..I will post the recipe laterz...

Have a great day!! I am off to the hyperbaric chamber...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 22 of my Raw Vegan Diet

Blueberry Smoothies are Berrylicious!!

On day 22 of my raw Vegan Diet I woke up feeling great and I started out my day with a NON- green smoothie..*Gasp*!

Now in the past Everyday I have had a GREEN Smoothie, and with my new obsession for green it might seem weird, but I tried something new.

I made a Purple Smoothie of;

2 cups of water
1 cup of frozen blueberries
1 cup of fresh strawberries
1 cup of frozen rasberries
1 banana
1 TBSP of Coconut Oil
1 Scoop of Vegan Supplement Powder in Berry flavor
1 Teaspoon of PUREessentials Green Concentrate
1 hand full of ice

* It was a wonderful smoothie, it was BerryLicious!

For snack I had red and orange peppers, with snap peas and cherry tomatoes.

For dinner I had Tomato soup;

Cream of Tomato Soup
2 cups tomatoes
2 cups red peppers
1/2 cup almonds or cashews, soaked
1/2 avocado
Juice of 1/2 large lime
1 tsp miso
Salt to taste
Fresh or dried basil (optional)
Water until desired consistency is reached

Blend until smooth, then taste. If it seems too acidic, add a little sweetener.

* It tastes much better with a bit of natural sweetner..

I had a busy day helping my Ex hubby move to a new place. I worked my butt off..but I drank lots of water and kept hydrated. I was very ready for rest. Sleep..replenishing..healing...Zzzzzz