Friday, February 27, 2009

Benefits of Eating a Raw Vegan Diet..Day 48

So it has been 48 days on this Raw vegan Diet, and

It is time to check in and do some measurements.

I have released 40 lbs of excess fat, mucus, and toxins. Yey!

I have released;

2 " off of my Breasts
2 " under my Breasts
11" off of my Waist
7" off of my Hips
2" off of my Thighs
1 and 1/2 inches off of my Biceps

Wow, I love looking in the mirror and seeing the new slimmer me. I also feel fantastic. Giving myself pure, organic, raw, life giving foods has made so many positive changes in my life. I feel so much healthier, Body Mind and Spirit. I am still detoxing, and have a long way still to go,but I am feeling really good.


- I feel ALIVE inside
- I have more energy
- I am eager to exercise and move my body
- I feel very little pain in my body, and sometimes no pain, which is a miracle after being in great amounts of pain for 15 years. (I have an auto immune disease, causing inflammation/pain in my joints). I'll talk more about my struggle with my health and my personal journey as we go.
- I have been on several medications over the years, for inflammation and pain, as well as antibiotics after surgery... and I am happy to know that my body is flushing the residuals of those toxic medications out and away from my body.
- My eye sight is clear and perfect again
- My eye color is bright and vibrant blue again ( they were very blue gray for the last 12 years)
- The whites of my eyes seem more white
- My teeth are whiter, and the lingering pain I had from a partial root canal is gone completely.
- My skin is softer to the touch, and firmer in appearance.
- My skin is younger looking, clear, even toned, fresh and has a natural glow.
- The skin on my body is tightening as I lose weight
- My body is releasing Fat out of my cells as it flushes away toxins and buffering mucus from those cells. I will write more on the release of toxins and the body's natural release of fat in the process.
- My senses are all keener
I can see better, my sense of smell is amazing, I can taste goodness in the foods, and this week I have been able to even taste the chemicals in the food if there are any. I can even hear better( and I have never had a problem with hearing, it just makes it even better!) My sense of touch is heightened as well.
- My sex drive is higher, I am more responsive to touch, and I have heightened sensation.


- I feel very focused and eager to learn
- My concentration has improved
- My sense of humor has returned
- I am more playful and feel happy and more like myself
- I am more confident
- I have a sense of adventure
- I feel like going out and doing things with friends and family
- I have a passion for life
- I feel like my life has purpose
- I have a clear vision of what I would like for myself in the future
- I am very positive in the thoughts that I have about myself, and what I feel I deserve in life
- I am open emotionally
- I have greater empathy
- I am more trusting
- I generally just feel freer
- Unclouded
- Free of depression, or negative thoughts


- I feel a greater sense of awareness
- I feel more connected to everything
- My connection to GOD and the life force within all things is abounding
- I am more clairvoyant,clairsentient, clairaudient
- I trust my intuition completely
- The natural flow of healing energy surges through me to those around me
- My ability to see energy through auras has greatly intensified.
- My ability to see illness or blockages within the energy body has become more focused, as has my ability to manipulate them.
- All of my psychic senses are heightened, but with a greater sense of how to control my abilities and use them to help myself and others.

I have experienced so many Wonderful side effects from this new healthy lifestyle. I have spent much of my time reading and educating myself about how our body's work, and it all makes sense. Pure, clean, supported and loved being..That is what I am creating in myself. I hope that through my example, information, and support others can find total health and happiness also!


  1. I can echo every item on your list...and tell you that, wait, it only gets BETTER!

    I am so very happy for your inner and outer transformation. May you continue to be healed and nurtured by the fruits of the Earth.

    Many Blessings to you.

  2. On my journey, I have experienced some of the same things you mention in your post.

    I am glad that you shared your many miracles you have received through natural foods.

  3. Okay, I just found this post and I have to say I *LOVE* the photo with the tomato, zucchini and tape measure. How perfect!!

    I loved losing inches everwhere except the breasts!! Oh well. I think I'm still losing inches, but have not measured lately. I will have to do an update soon.

    And as far as the benefits of being raw - that's how I came up with the name for my blog, because I couldn't think of a better way to describe the way I felt other than SIMPLY RAWESOME!! :) Great post darlin'.

  4. wow, you really did a good job with your vegan foods to lose that much weight so quickly. I'm impressed!

    That means you didn't overeat and you also probably didn't overload on fats!

    That is really a great start.

    I can't tell you how many people and friends I hear who are in pain and have had surgeries etc and who are going from one medication to another and I wish I could give them a story just such as yours which is so inspiring and such a great success, so they can see how nature heals!

    Thank you for what you are doing for your own health: body mind and soul. Thank you for documenting it online for it is all of our anecdotes together which will be a lifeline to others without this simple yet vital information.

    Your layout is beautiful and your uplifting writing is magnetic!

  5. Are you perfectly healed yet? Please let me know more how its going and if you have perfectly healed from all surgeries and all other diseases. Im going through something similar and am only of 22 years of age.

    Please email me at