Friday, January 16, 2009

Awareness and Change..A time to Share

One by one change is created. Love,knowledge and communication that heal our selves and our world.

The more awareness there is in our society about the correlation between our environment,our way of producing and chemically enhancing/ treating our food,and all of our chronic and serious health problems, then the possibility of change and healing comes into being. It is a shift as "a whole" that will make the difference...and it all starts by knowledge and the physical results. Small groups of people know, and the more they share, the more our way of being will change. Health and well being are ours to have. As well as the health and well being of our Earth..and it is that which sustains us.

After you have discovered that our bodies are created to heal and sustain themselves, and it is 'our' poisons that we are putting into our environment and our foods, that are in fact making us sick, it is an easy choice to say, " Well lets stop doing that!" YES..Lets stop doing that..
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