Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 7 of my Raw Vegan diet

"An apple a day keeps the doctors away" Fresh and live is the way to go...!

Eat well, move your body, feed your mind.

I keep hearing the same question when I bring up Juice fasting or Juice "FEASTING". Is fasting healthy? Well I have decided to feed my mind as well as my body and do a little MORE research. I found this site that I thought was interesting. It talks a bit about how we as a species fed ourselves and how fasting is a natural way for our bodies to go into healing mode.

I have been reading and not logging my food intake so I will do day 7 now and day 8 later today.
I started my day with a glass of water, as is becoming a habit of mine. I made a wonderful fruit and veggie smoothie made of;

3 hand fulls of spinach
3 hand fulls of kale
3 spears of celery
2 apples
2 spears of pineapple
1 banana
1 frozen banana
6 strawberries
1/2 a scoop of vegan vitamin supplement
1 hand full of ice

Yummy green is funny because the green smoothies look awful at first, but with all the fruit it tastes so good!
I grazed on 2 liters of this all morning and afternoon.

I had a 2 oz shot of Wheetgrass from the juice bar.
I juiced a mixture of;

small piece of ginger

* it tastes amazing and is so colorful because of the beets!

Dinner was a bit difficult I admit because the rest of the family had Spaghetti, which is my most favorite food ever! Sigh...but I resisted and ate a huge salad made of;

Butter lettuce
Snap peas
Red and Yellow pepper
Topped with almonds and sunflower seeds

It was good, I survived after all...*giggle*
I felt better than I had been feeling lately. My hair is getting more shiny, and my skin is fresher and more pink, my eyes are brighter, and I feel 'Alive' inside. My mood is much better than it has been the past 11 years...( that sounds awful I know, but true). I am happy. YEY!
Have a great day you beautiful beings!

Love and Light


  1. You keep talking like this, and I think I may have to try the juice feasting for a while!!!!

  2. LOL...Well I sure feel great doing it, and I hope that I can inspire others to try it..even though sometimes it may seem a daunting thing to try.. " )
    Also..Check out my other blog
    I am going to start posting about some relaxation and meditation techniques as well as some spiritual musing...