Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bloggin about Blogging- Day 8 of my Juice Feast

Well here I am. I have sat down to blog everyday for a week and I couldn't bring myself to post. I have been 65 days 100%Raw, and I have been pretty much just drinking 2 liters of green smoothie and 2 liters of juice, with 3-4 liters of water for the past month or so...with light raw dinners on occasion. The week before I started the Juice fast I had very little solid food, but I did have one "Last RAW Meal" the day before my fast began- to celebrate my B-day. I guess because my transition from raw/solid to raw/liquid was very slow I have felt it very natural, and although I have detoxed all along the way, my progress has been gentle and healing.

Something has changed in me..or rather I should say "is" changing. I was happily blogging everyday to post my meals and how I felt, and share what little tid- bits of knowledge I had scrounged up for the day. The more I read, and the more I learned...I realized that I wanted to share this precious knowledge with as many people as would hear it. I was on a mission, I was excited...I posted links and posted information that had made the little light go on in my post.........Then I started realizing that I was writing as if zillions of people were benefiting from this info...when really I only had a hand full of blog followers....that sudden realization made it really hard to want to bother to fact I became pretty depressed for a couple of which I didn't then I thought well, for now, I will just live as an example of what transformations can really occur..and if people are meant to find something I have shared, then they will stumble upon it, like I did (on others sites) on several occasions.

People That have inspired me;

Angela Stokes from
Raw Reform
Philip McCluskey from Loving Raw
Anthony from Raw Model
Courtney Pool from Radical Radiance
David and Katrina from Juice Feast
Penni Shelton from Real Food Tulsa
Lori Painter from Inspire 2 Act

So I stared posting again, but not as frequently, and my passion for posting was waning. I was, however, experiencing amazing changes in my body and my mental clarity was improving so much. My hunger for knowledge was unending. My spiritual awareness and my natural spiritual abilities were advancing and expanding. I was excited to be having such amazing results from this lifestyle change. I continued to share my experiences as I went. I know how much watching others inspired me...I think it is important to be a little voice of peace love joy and hope. So many people feel separate and alone, sick and hopeless.
Over time more people started reading and a few of them have started incorporating more live foods into their diets, some have even gone Raw, and still others are preparing for a juice fast in their near futures.

Since I started to do my Juice feast I haven't blogged at all until

Perhaps it feels boring to me to write down what I mixed my celery juice and greens with. I find myself eating close to the same thing each day. In small different measures and combination, but does it really matter? I guess it does....if it helps even just a few............

So..I need to get my butt in gear."She says to herself"

I think during the lull I have spent more time internally..thinking..discovering myself along my journey. I have been doing some heavy emotional detoxing since I started my Juice fast. It is helping me discover what my purpose is in life..what I can do to make a positive difference to the world and the people that I touch. I have been on the right path..almost- on and off through out my life...I can see how my experience all interconnects to a purpose. It is great opening up to your own personal truth. There have been times that I have pretty much been shown very specific things to do....and I have stopped and said wait..I am not ready for that...I am not ready to take that on. I don't know enough, I am not important enough to do that right now..or I don't how to make that happen, it is too daunting of a task for little me to take on. I'm too shy..blah blah blah....
I need to trust and change my internal speak.
What I need to be saying is;
I am taking the steps to come into alignment with truth, beauty, knowledge,healing and trust.
For me the trust comes by abandoning myself to the rhythm of the universe..allowing things to unfold in a positive way. Knowing that if there is something I am meant to do...then things will begin to happen to allow for that. Opportunities will open, contacts will be made, information will find its way to me. I know that, that is truth.

So today is day 8 and today I am spending my day reading, listening to calming music, mediating, spending wonderful moments with my kidlings(it is spring break here). I find that I am easily irritated by external negativity. So I have gone out of my way to remove that as much as possible from my day. I am making a conscious effort to keep my thoughts and my mood positive and joyful.

I started my day with a warm cup of water with a little bit of lemon and MSM Powder
I drank 1 liter of water
*Before I eat/drink my Juices I have 1 enzyme capsule.

I had 1 liter of fruit juice made of a watermelon base with/mango/apple
* I had 1 oz of Phytoplankton and 1 oz of Himalayan Goji Juice along with Ashwaganda(for pain)

*1 Enzyme Capsule
I drank 3 liters of Green juice/soup made of;
Head of Celery
Head of Lettuce
Red peppers
Jalapeno pepper
A piece of leek
Sea salt
Cayenne Pepper
* I added 1Tsp of Greens+
1Tsp of Hemp oil

I drank 1 liter of water
I had 1 liter of fruit juice made of a pineapple base with/mango/strawberry/apple

I have 1 more liter of water to drink and I am done for the day. I try not to eat anything but water after 6pm...I find I feel better and I get better weight loss results.

Have a Wonderful day You Beautiful Beings!!


  1. what a peaceful, self-discovered and honest post, Kelly! I am so happy to be 'surrounding' myself with you, too, as, even if you only touch MY life, I enjoy watching you detox both physically and emotionally, and find strength to follow in your footsteps. It is inspirational, so keep it up.

  2. Thank you Debbie, I am thankful you came into my life, and I am so proud of the changes you have made so far in your life since we met!! Wow!! I am happy to be here to cheer you on. Thank you for your words.. :)
    Loves your way!

  3. This is an inspiring post as it allows us to walk along side you on this journey for you so far. Really interesting and I appreciate your honsty in your endevour!

  4. Yno what? About that depression blogging part and not touching enough lives. I got two things for you... One... Always remember that each person that read you has NUMEROUS contacts, and friends and other online buddies. When THEY read you, they forward OTHERS to you and that growth continues and continues and continues as you blog on! And two... just BEING online makes your words and inspiration available to MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people. So go ahead, inspire!! You will attract people to you just by being you xoxxoxo

  5. Keep writing from thw heart. Keep showing us who you are!!! Love your posts!


  6. Remember that people read your blog from the current post and then continue reading back. I have so many people who tell me that they've read my entire blog. All the way back to the beginning so be sure to share. AND it's very good for you as well... so you can read back and see where you were. (((hugs))) How's the fast going?