Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 1 of my Juice Feast

So the time has come. I am actually doing the juice feast with people from all around the globe. You can check out the Global Juice Feast here. It is a great group of people coming together to give and to receive support during their fast. Most people started March 7th, which was when the fast was scheduled to begin. There are some who started early and some who are going to be joining us as we go. Still others are doing weekend fasts, or partial fasts. Whatever works for every one.

I decided to start today because Yesterday was my Birthday. I wanted to be able to celebrate and have solid food. Raw...but I was struggling with my decision because I wanted to begin with the majority, but I was feeling like I would be too sad on my B-day if everyone else was eating and I was sipping celery juice....So I made myself Raw Spaghetti and had a wonderful dessert made with banana ice cream, vanilla pudding( from Matthew Kenny's recipe book Everyday Raw), and chocolate mouse on top. All of it was Raw and delicious....and I am really happy about my decision to wait until today...because I am excited to begin and so ready!!

Today I started my day off with a warm cup of filtered/ ionized water with lemon at about 7am

Between 9am and 11 am I drank;
1 liter of filtered/ionized water
2 liters of green juice;
Lettuce- 1/2 a head
Spinach- one bunch
Celery- 1/2 a head
Parsley- small hand full
Cilantro- small hand full
I also added hemp oil and spirilina and chlorella. I used the blender to mix the supplements into the juice, so I added a hand full of ice as well.

* I took 1 oz of phytoplancton with an oz of goji berry juice because it tastes much better that way. I will talk more about phytoplancton and how it can change your life from the cellular level up. I am taking it to correct/regulate my immue function and to repair my cells. There is much to be said for it so I will create a posting later, just for my new friends the

I drank another liter of water this afternoon
At 2pm I drank 1 liter of Cantelope juice. It was nice and cold from the freezer...mmm

For din din I had a Gazpacho juice/soup made of;
Spinach/celery/tomato/cucumber/garlic/fresh cilantro/fresh basil/red and orange bells.
I added Turmeric and cayenne pepper. It was good and it was spicy. I ate it out of a bowl with a spoon like I would normally eat soup. It made me feel normal...or at least as close as I can get right now...HA!!I ate 2 bowls of the Soup..which was about a little over a Liter.

I was so full after my "soup", but about an hour later I was hungry again.

I drank another liter of water.

I made a wonderful juice out of spinach and cantelope. It was almost like a vanilla flavor. Many people don't like mixing melons with anything because they tend to digest better alone. In the future I will drink my melons on their own...I just wanted to try it. It was really nice and really almost soothed my tummy after eating the spicy soup. I drank 1 liter of the juice and saved the other liter for tomorrow.

It is freezing here -6 but it is so sunny and bright.

Have a Beautiful day!!


  1. Six below and you're juice feasting?! God Bless you! Better add some ginger and cayenne to those juices to warm your innards. :D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you much Love, Light & Laughter.

  2. new to your blog.
    Takes a commitment I admire, but don't have.