Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 30 of my Raw vegan Diet!!

In keeping with my blogging sisters, I created a word cloud too...awww aren't we cool!

Well I have made it 30 days on my Raw Vegan Diet. I have had some ups and downs(detox), but over all I have had a great experience. I transitioned into eating raw foods very easily. It is also something that has brought me more than just better health, it has brought me many other benefits as well. I am more confident. I am happier..both in my relationships and with my body. I am filled with joy. I am closer to my spiritual self. I feel so open, and connected. I feel lighter. My skin is amazing. I am ever eager to learn and grow. I have release many unwanted pounds of toxins and fats. My eyes are brighter blue and I can see amazingly far again. My hair and nails are healthy and are growing quickly. My teeth are whiter. My outlook is so positive. I can visualize what I want for my life, and actually feel like I deserve it and can reach whatever goals I set for myself. It has been such a spiritually uplifting experience. I am so happy that I am treating myself well..loving myself and nourishing my body mind and soul.

After yesterday I have taken it very easy today. I decided that this is truly a life style change. My body works well with the way I nourish it now. I listen to what it asks for and I treat it with honor as I give it what it needs to be as healthy and beautiful as possible. My cells are rejuvenating as I type..and that makes me feel good about the choices I make each day..each moment.....I have found life again....... My sleeping soul is awakened.. I am ready to live each day with love happiness and adventure....BRING IT ON!!

My smoothie today was made of;

3 cups of water
1 apple
1 banana
1 cup of frozen mango and peaches
1/2 scoop of vegan Supplement powder

* My tummy was sensitive today after my cooked food nightmare..from I have only had fresh apple juice and my smoothie today and I am feeling great again. Live and Learn!

Love and Light*
Kelly ")


  1. We had the same smoothie! This morning, mine had strawberries instead of the apple, though. Yum.

    Yah, I shoulda blogged about my experience with a tiny helping of lasagna the other day. Learnt a lesson that night. BLehgh... did NOT feel good after that. Back to raw vegan for me!

  2. mmm I'm adding smoothies back into my diet tomorrow... I'm looking forward to the green goodness of them again. - love ya, Aleesha

  3. Smoothies rock (( \m/ ))..LOL
    Yes eating cooked food after your body hasn't had it for a while is just torture...I posted it to save others from suffering..but I am sure peeps will want to try it out for them selves...all I can say is keep a bucket handy..blech is right!

    *Aleesha..I am happy that you are coming back from your fast to the land of the raw food..I am watching how you transition from all juice to some i will be trying the fasting soon and I am scared about going back to eating again afterwards. Love you too! Huggs