Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 29 of my Raw Vegan Diet

Some days it just pays to stay in bed....

Well I thought a lot about whether I should share about my sick day..or rather I should say my self-inflicted suffering. I decided to let you see that I am human and make mistakes along this journey too.

I spent the day on Sunday with my Sweetie as he tattooed a design, that I had created, onto my lower back. I had 2 fruit smoothies on hand as he Slaved (inking) over my body. I had nuts and seeds and dried fruit....but getting a tattoo takes a lot out of you...and it makes you very HUNGRY! So we stopped half way and we ran up to the store. He was happily heading towards the fresh fruits and veggies to get me a much needed snack, when I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the deli section.......Nooooooooooooo.... At first he was surprised, but he came along......I picked out a veggie samosa. He looked at me with his little raised eye brow..but he didn't argue..........Get the woman what she wants! I have to say that I was very hungry and not using any judgment at all. I was thinking " Hey it is vegetarian...I have been so good..surely I can have just a little cooked food"................................Boy was I WRONG!! I got home..scarfed it down, and with in about 30 min I was feeling like a Brillo pad had been hidden in the spicy goodness. Yes my insides were getting beaten enzymes for the cooked food...ouch! I have suffered all last night..through the night until this morning. I ate some enzymes last night which is the only way they got through me. But it was a painful process. Cramping, nausea, shaking. My body was not ready for that, and I am so sorry body for putting us through that. I learned a valuable lesson....After being on an all raw diet for an extended period of time your body can not assimilate the food. It just suffers...and you along with it. If I ever choose to eat cooked food again, it will have to be alot slower, and with more gentle foods. however...I feel so good eating a live food diet that going back to cooked foods would be depressing. We shall see what the future holds....for now eating Raw is what is right for me..and i will honor myself and my body by nourishing it and loving it and treating it gently.

Love and light
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  1. IF you choose to eat cooked/processed food again, please make sure at least 51% of your meal is raw! This will assist your body with digestion. I send you the biggest of hugs Kelly... I've been where you are and I understand your discomfort.

    I love ya,