Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 17 of my Raw Vegan Diet

Today was the day to see how I was measuring up.

I lost 1/4 inch off of my Breasts

I lost 4 inches off of my stomach
I lost 3 inches off of my hips
I lost 1 inch off om my thighs
I lost 1 inch off of my biceps

I guess I shouldn't use the term "lost" as it would imply that I am looking for it and want it back...cause I DON"T Lol.. ;p

I am happy that I have released so much in just 17 days..Goodbye fat...goodbye toxins... good riddance.

For breakfast and lunch I made a Green smoothie made of;

2 cups of water
2 hand fulls of spinach
1 hand full of kale
1 celery stalk
1/2 a cantelope
1/4 a honey dew melon
2 apples
1 banana
1 cup of Frozen Mangos
1 scoop of Vegan Vitamin Powder
1/2 scoop of Hemp Protein Powder
1Tbsp Coconut Oil
1 hand full of ice
* Very good*

I drank 2 liters of the Green smoothie all day, as well as drinking a full glass of water before drinking the next 8 oz glass of smoothie. It seems to be working well...I am not sure I can keep up with ingesting so Doing it this way seems to make it easier for me to get my water in....


  1. I think I like the word Aleesha uses- RELEASED.
    She RELEASES weight. I love that =)

  2. wow! you're awesome, and inspiring me each day. The countdown for me is on- only a few days left before I follow in your footsteps through the Thrive Diet. AHHHH!! Any advice?!~