Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 20 of my Raw Vegan Diet

It's funny because I thought this diet would be hard, but I crave nothing. It is awesome!

It's even better than Candy

On day 20 of my Raw vegan diet I had a Green smoothie for breakfast and lunch. I used the same recipe for my smoothie as for Day 19 of my Raw Vegan Diet I Did the hyperbaric chamber and Infrared sauna on this day also. I turned up the heat a bit in the sauna and I have started to sweat really well again. I likey to release those yucky toxins...BYE BYE Toxins! I felt pretty good on day 20. I started to drink more water again and it definately helps. I read an artical that stated that we go through our detox more in the morning so we should not eat as much but drink morre water during that time. So I am starting to Drink more water in the morning and just one glass of smoothie..then more water until the afternoon...My body seems to be responding well to this..and I have the bulk of my food in take during 11-6pm..I find if I just drink water and have a few seeds at night i feel better and look better in the morning. I don't retain as much water. The toxins seem to be released in a more natural way that my body can handle. I guess trying different things ( trial and error), to see what worls for us is essential to finding the perfect way for us. Everyone is diierent after all. I find that i am becoming more intuitive about what my body needs, and I am especially drawn to the color Green lately. I find that weird..but then again I am eating alot of healing and green foods...and the color green is associated with healing. so I guess it is fitting..I have to go buy a green ah yes...I really need a green

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