Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 15 of my Raw Vegan Diet

Giving my body pure live foods to nourish itself has been such a great treat. I thought I would miss all of the cooked meals and animal protein and junk foods...but I feel so good, and I crave nothing...I am glad I gave this gift of eating well to my body..and to myself.

On day 15 of my Raw Vegan Diet I headed into town to do more Hyperbaric therepy, and infrared sauna treatments. I feel really good and I know it is because I am assisting my body in flushing the toxins out of my system in several ways all at once. It seems my body is responding well to this. I am exercising, going into the sauna to sweat, oil pulling, skin brushing, and drinking a ton of water. I will post on each of these subjects separately as I go because they each deserve their own 15 seconds of fame on my But seriously..they are each in themselves very helpful in making our bodies more healthy. So I will do them separately.

I also bought myself a juicing book and I will soon be transitioning into a Juicing Fast/Feast. I asked Aleesha to become my Raw food/ Juicing Coach..since offers that as a service. She is also my Reiki teacher so I am excited to start the juicing journey with her watching, supporting, and aiding me.

Eating a live food diet has greatly raised my vibrational frequency and I am finding connection to spirit definitely more heightened. It is because of this I have again become interested in doing my next level in Reiki.

Starting this diet, and new change in the way I feed myself and view food, I didn't realize it would so greatly effect me in such positive ways. I started out just wanting to be healthier, and lose some weight....and now I find myself truly on a journey...rediscovering who I am and what I want for my life. Drawing in more good, and releasing the things in my life that are not aiding me in becoming better..or getting to a better place.

On day 15 of my raw vegan Diet I made a smoothie of;

2 cups of water
2 hand fulls of spinach
1 hand full of kale
2 apples
1/2 a cantaloupe
1 Tbsp of Coconut oil
1 scoop of Vegan Vitamin Supplement
1 scoop of Hemp Protein Powder
Hand full of Ice
* I made 2 liters of this and drank it for breakfast and lunch

For dinner I had a huge salad made of;

yellow pepper
red onion
shaved almonds
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds

*Topped with a balsamic vinegar and honey...

I drank water through out the day..about 2 liters. I want to start drinking more water. I feel like I am not getting enough.

Until tomorrow..

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