Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 21 of My Raw Vegan Diet

On day 21 I feel great!

I went to the hyperbaric chamber and infra red sauna..I drank lots of water, starting early in the morning. I drank one 8 oz glass of Green smoothie, and then the rest water throughout the day. I had another Green smoothie around 3pm.

Today's Green Smoothie:

2 cups of water
1 large hand full of spinach
4 large lettuce leaves
1 banana
2 rings of pineapple
1/2 cup of frozen mango
1/2 scoop of hemp protein powder
1 scoop of Vegan Supplement powder
1 Tbsp of Coconut oil
1/4 teaspoon of Matcha Green Tea
Hand full of ice
Blend..yummy goodness!!

I also had a shot of Wheatgrass with an apple juice chaser. I had a 12 oz glass of freshly juiced apple/carrot juice with a small piece of ginger juiced in with it. It was really nice.

For dinner I had a small salad of;
Green onion
Shaved Almonds
*Balsamic vinaigrette with Agave Nectar

I am finding that I am eating less and drinking more liquids. More water and juices than solid foods or smoothies. I feel like I am naturally getting to prepared for the juice fast/feast I am starting on the 3rd of February. I am both physically and mentally prepared to start my fasting journey.

On day 21 of my raw vegan Diet I feel great. I feel healthy and strong. I feel like I am beaming inside, and it shows on the outside. My skin is fresh and radiant, my eyes are brighter. My mind is clear and eager to learn. My thoughts are positive and productive. My moods are good and calm. I have found a connection to love and peace. My spiritual nature is more predominant. I find that as I nourish my body and avoid things that tax the body, I have made the vibrational energy within my body, and surrounding my body Vibrate at a higher level. This makes sense as we nourish each cell within our body...and they radiate a new vitality from the cellular level up. This serves to connect me to a higher state of being. I feel more connected to the life force energy that flows through, and around us. I am more in tune with my intuition. I find that as I listen to my intuition I am guided to the information that I need at that time. I am also finding a natural instinct to listen to my body as it asks for what it needs. I go with the flow and I feel GREAT!


  1. Kelly, You have such creative food choices! The hardest thing about raw is the boredom so good job keeping it interesting! If you've never tried chia seeds in your smoothie you should! Here's a link
    Thanks for checking out my blog,
    Nicole aka TheFitnessFreak

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