Friday, January 9, 2009

Starting my Raw Diet

Ok, so after much reading, talking to hardcore Raw Vegans, researching, and pondering, I have finally made the commitment to start my Raw Diet. It is something that keeps presenting itself into my life, from various sources, and I am starting to see that the universe is trying really hard to convince me to try it. So after many months of trying to turn a blind eye to the obvious ( jumping up and down screaming) solution to health and wellness. I am here to say, "Alright, I will try it!"

My very good friend has been blogging on here for years. She has tried on different occasions to get me into the blogging scene, but I never felt that I had anything to blogg about. It seemed unnecessary, and at the very least I would have a difficult time deciding between all of my interests. I suppose, at the time I was just not ready, but now seems to be the perfect time. I feel like it will be the perfect way to help with daily dicipline...After all I will not be very willing to admit that I tried to juice a Chewy chips Ahoy!!! It also helps to keep track of my progress.
So far today I have kept on track, it has been very pleasant and easy. I am sure it will not remain this way for too I am excited and happy, and I feel great!

I started my day out with a smoothie;
1 apple
1 banana
1 pinapple spear
small piece of cucumber
and a half a scoop of a Vegan Vitamin powder
with a small handfull of ice

For lunch I had a salad made of;
cucumber, tomatoe, red pepper, green pepper, and red onion

For snack had a smoothie;
1 apple
1 banana
frozen blueberries

For dinner I will have a salad made of;
brocolli and cauliflower
Red peppers

For snack I will have another smoothie

I have been drinking lots of purified water throughout the day, and I was able to stay away from coffee( which I know will become a problem as the days pass).

I am going tonight to get my champion juicer. I found one on craigslist for $75. It is fairly new and in good shape..Yey!! I have been waiting a while to get one, but it is finially close at hand!
On the way home I will be getting some nice fresh friut to juice I am sure tomorrow I will be adding to my food intake for today....and reporting on my juicing adventures...

Have a great day" )


  1. *Jumps up and down clapping her hands in excitement!*

  2. Thanks guys!! It is nice to be here..and blogging..and trying to create a better, healthier me!