Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 16 of my Raw Vegan Diet

Ok, so this is actually day 17 of my Diet but I have been being a busy bum and not blogging regularly. I think after this I am caught I am not that far behind. *Grin*

I spent day 16 which was Saturday..yesterday helping my Ex hubby organize, go through boxes, and pack what he needs at his new place. This gave us an opportunity to go through a multitude of still packed boxes from years of "stuff" that we hadn't unpacked through several of our moves through out our relationship. *Whew* it was hard going through Old pictures of us..both of us when we were first dating, and pictures of us and the kids when they were so little and cute.. along with years of memorabilia...sigh..DH and I have been separated for 10 months, and we aren't divorced yet, but that will be coming up soon. When I first left he was livid and impossible to deal with because his feelings were hurt, of course. But we have gotten to a place where we can be civil and be around each other without any hair pulling. :) We do have kids together so it is better for everyone if we can get least for their sake. It is hard for everyone at times...but at least things are moving forward in a positive way. Leaving that negative situation( of 11 years) was like throwing a life line to myself...and now I have a wonderful loving and supportive man in my life. I am very blessed. We both are, and we are both very aware and thankful for every day that we share.

So what did I eat on day 16?
For breakfast I had a liter of green smoothie

I had grapes and nuts and seeds for snack/lunch. and lots of water.

I had an early diner. We went to Whitespot, so I had their "Spot salad", which was great. It had lots of seeds and sprouts and yummy goodness.

I drank a small glass of green smoothie when I got home later. I wasn't hungry at all...I didn't eat as much as I normally do today..and I felt better really. Maybe less food and more water is a good idea....smaller portions perhaps..I will play around with it and see how I feel...More liquids and less solid foods. Soon I will be doing my Juicing feast, so I am glad I seem to be naturally transitioning into that on my own.

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