Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 18 of my Raw Vegan Diet

I bought some frozen mango's and they are a great addition to my morning smoothie. Mmmm Mango.

Well it was back to the Oxygen Tank for me, and then Infrared Sauna. I felt pretty good in the morning, but by the evening I felt like a wreck. I was drained and achy...and emotional. I find that on days that I go to the Hyperbaric chamber I avoid drinking much in the morning because I am in the chamber for 1 and 1/2 hours and I can't get out to pee.....and I pee every 15 min when I drink a lot of water and smoothie. I find myself power drinking right before I go into the Infrared Sauna, and while I am in the sauna I drink 2 liters of water, but I am not sweating enough because my body hasn't processed it yet.....then I pee like a maniac in the early evening...and I don't feel very good. Like massively toxic. I need to either do the chamber or sauna..doing both in the same day isn't working for my body and I just feel worse for it. I want to detox in a healthy way following my body's rhythms.

On day 18 I made a Green Smoothie;

2 apples
1/2 honey dew melon
1/2 cantelope
1/4 cup of frozen mangos
1 banana
1 scoop Vegan Supplement powder
1/2 scoop Hemp Powder
1 tbsp of Coconut Oil

I drank one glass before I went into the chamber, and the rest when I was done my therapy around 4pm.

I had a cup of raw soup for diner
Then I went to bed because I was feeling sick and rotten.

Today I learned that I have to drink water early in the day...or by the end of the day my body is too over taxed...especially when I am doing the other Detoxification Therapies.


  1. Aw, your poor achy body =(
    You know who I've been thinking of...
    Remember in grade 12 that girl who came to our art class who had arthritis or some sort of arthritis? if only I could recall her name. Anyways did I ever tell you I saw her at work in Abbotsford a few years ago, completely healed with her family of young kids? She said she had suddenly the year before she came to Poppy contracted this virus which caused her arthritic condition and that in her 20s it had all but left her. I was so amazed to see her in such perfect health.

    You are going to be her!

    I was so encouraged to have seen her in person- healed- that it made me believe that this can pass. How amazing...

    Your turn !!!


  2. it's all about figuring out what your body needs and listening to it. You're doing awesome.

  3. Thanks guys! I know I am on the way to feeling great..just have to go through this elimination many toxins..blah...but I see the end result and I happily suffer the detox portion to wade to the other side where I will feel incredible...The return to health..yey!

    PS Mother...I dont remember that girl..? Guess I was distracted back then...Boys? Lol