Sunday, January 11, 2009

I picked up my new Champion Juicer! I even dared to try it out. : ) I made apple juice first.. and I have to say that I have never, in my life, had better apple juice.... ever! I also juiced a honey dew melon, and pineapple spears. I wasn't very daring on my first try with the juicer, but I am sure in the days to come I will become more brave and try many new things!

Yesterday I fell away from my all raw diet a bit, not that it was because of temptation or cravings... It was because I didn't want to hurt my mothers feelings after she had made a cooked, but nice breakfast for me. I realized that I should make it clear to everyone in my house hold that I am eating differently now. She knew I was trying "raw eating", but didn't realize it was ALL raw.... yes mom..I am trying ALL Raw! lol
Anyhoo...I am back on track today. I started with a smoothie this morning.

Breakfast and lunch Smoothie;
2 apples
1 banana
2 pinapple spears
1/4 of a cucumber
small hand full of kale
1/2 a scoop of vegan supplement Vitamin powder

* It is green but yummy!!

For snack I had mixed nuts and seeds
I am trying warm water with a lemon wedge instead of coffee
and I have been drinking water

For Din I am trying warm tomato soup that my Sweetie made me.

I have been spending lots of time reading, and searching for recipes on the web today. I have been writing them down...saving them for later...hehee
I realize now, that in order to really do this properly, I am going to have to get a food dehydrator as well. Now that I have seen what I can make..I am even more excited about eating this way. I know that it is going to have to be a long term lifestyle change..and one that my body is absolutely in need of.

I am feeling pretty good still, and I haven't had any headaches from avoiding the coffee.
Have a Rawsome day!


  1. Yum. I've totally thought about doing the raw thing too- but my family would SO not be on board. Frankly, I'm not sure I would be committed enough! lol

    (Found you via HolyMotherOfGod... we're, friends forever! lol)

    But I am SO jealous of your Champion Juicer. Make fruitpooh-- best thing EVER. If you like fruit and frozen yogurt, this is exactly that, without the yogurt part. lol
    Freeze varied fruits (berries, bananas*chopped*, mango, ect) and then add them to the machine. But don't use the strainer part- just let the frozen fruit ooze out the end. We call it fruitpooh because it comes out the end of the machine like pooh. It makes a colourful, YUMMY frozen 'yogurt/icecream' that is plain fruit and tastes like you're having a REALLY big indulgence!! Try it, lemme know if it worked and if you liked it. We have it all the time with our Champion (I say 'our', but it's my girlfriend's).

    Holy long-winded. Sorry. Got me a little excited there. I promise to talk less next time! lol

    (Ps. Have a Rawsome day. Cute)

  2. Well Sadly Jenny, Raw Vegan Eating Does NOT include meat...Giving up a nice rare juicy piece of steak will probably be the hardest part of this whole Raw Vegan lifestyle change. In fact it is even bringing a tear to my eye thinking about it.....=P...Seriously.
    It is funny how many times I have been asked that though!! I am sure after years of denying myself I wont even remember how incredibly yummy Rare steak is!! Hahaha

  3. Hey Debbie, Very nice to meet you. A friend of the Mother is a friend of mine!
    I am totally going to try your "Fruit Pooh" idea, and I will let you know how it turned out!